Quanshu Daoyin Neidan Anmo Dao
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School of Daoist Yangsheng Arts
Qigong is very popular in China and its oldest and most diverse form is Daoyin. Daoyin is not only used as preventatives against old age and sickness, but is also used to cure both chronic and acute diseases. Daoyin is often classified as either part of traditional medical knowledge or among the various practices of Yangsheng which consists of adopting a way of life according to psycho-physical hygienic principles. Dao refers to the fact that physical movements are guided by the strength of the mind and in turn stimulate the internal flow of Qi within the body. Yin means that with the aid of physical movements, Qi can reach the bodily extremities. There are many postures and movements in Daoyin exercises, but the emphasis is on achieving a state of harmony between body and mind. Daoyin Yangsheng Gong is a premier health care system devised at the Beijing Sports University by Professor Zhang Guangde and the DaoYin team since the 1970's. Consisting of traditional movements updated for the modern world (i.e. by taking into account such things as modern knowledge of anatomy, physiology and disease) it has hundreds of different exercises arranged into routines which are designed to promote health in all the major organ systems of the body. Over the last few decades Master Zhang has taught many thousands of people Daoyin Yangsheng Gong, including many teachers, but only a very small number of these people have been chosen to be trained as the next generation successors of the system. These people are known as Ru Shi Di Zi, closed-door disciples. Gordon Faulkner is a Ru Shi Di Zi. Tina Faulkner Elders is a Daoyin Yangsheng graduate of the Beijing Sports University. Wudang Daoyin are the particular exercises devised at Wudang mountain as the basic training not just for health but also as the precurser to all Wudang skills. Gordon Faulkner (Wudang name You Lisu) is a 15th generation disciple of Wudangquan. Tina Faulkner Elders (Wudang name Chen Weiying) is a 16th generation desciple of Wudangquan. Ruyi Daoyin routines are the modern updates to the traditional exercises devised to help current health isses.


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School of Daoist Yangsheng Arts
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